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Gone with the wind!
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Post by Gone with the wind! » Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:16 am

I have looked on line for roach traps etc, and eventually found a forum that might have an idea about this problem which is huge here - I hope you can help.
Is it just me, or are there more of them? :?

I try to make sure that there are none onboard, I keep our shoes on the dock , I wash up after cooking and eating , I don't bring cardboard on board, I am going crazy...Help! I need to get rid of these things. Are there any roach free marinas?

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Great Britain Hoooray
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How to get rid of cockroaches on a boat

Post by Hoooray » Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:42 am


Even the cleanest of boats can be prone to these little pests. Diligence and observation are your first defence, but what can you do to eliminate them? To get rid of cockroaches in your boat, keep food sealed and stored properly, particularly in the galley, which should be cleaned daily to prevent crumbs and trash from building up. Garbage should be disposed of regularly and stored in sealed containers. Try to seek out and seal all cracks and holes (if you have many cracks and holes in your boat, then cockroaches may be the least of your problems). If possible fit mosquito nets to ports, this will help stop critters from crawling in as well as things flying in. Cockroaches like to climb, mooring lines are always a problem, If possible spray or dust lines with insecticide (checking first that the chemical you use will not damage/effect your lines).

Cockroach control and management are important for health and safety reasons. If you suspect a cockroach infestation, DON'T PANIC, there are simple and safe ways of dealing with them.

The most simple method is BORIC ACID, use bottle tops, equal amounts of boric acid, water and sugar. Place the 'tops' inside cupboards, drawers, even in galley stowage areas. Boric Acid is no more harmful to us humans than salt. Cockroaches are attracted to the water and sugar, they ingest the boric acid at the same time, this 'bungs' them up, rendering them unable to consume more water, thus they die of thirst. Boric acid can be purchased in pharmacies, and is very cheap.

Roach traps can be bought in most countries. Place them in cupboards, lockers, corners. However, they contain poison, if you have any pets on board, there is a possibility that the poisoned roach could be consumed by your pet.
Bombs (not the nuke variety). This is a fairly radical approach. Having let off a bomb in your boat you will have to vacate for a while, and remember that when you return, everything will be covered with a thin layer of insecticide - always read the instructions in these cases.
If leaving your boat for any length of time, the bottle top approach is probably the best, remember to keep the 'tops' topped up with water from time to time and check them when you return.

Once you've manged to rid yourself of them, keep a control up for a few days. A jam jar (one with an overhanging lip on the inside), some beer, vaseline and a piece of bread is all you need. Fill the jar up to about one quarter, put in a small piece of bread. Now smear the inside of the jam jar lip with vaseline (so that they can climb in, but not out. You will need to create a little ladder for any visitors here, a piece of kitchen towel taped to the lip is perfect. Leave this jar in an area where you believe you have had any cockroaches. If you get any in the jar, then you still have a problem, if after a few days the jar is roach free, then you have successfully managed to rid your boat of the problem.

Remember cardboard is a big no no on a boat, even polystyrene packaging makes great homes for these critters. Second hand books might seem like a good idea, but unless you know where they come from you might want to think twice. If concerned, place the book(s) in a plastic bag and spray with a little insecticide, seal the bag up and leave overnight. It is possible that insects can be brought on-board via your shopping, check all provisions before stowing, especially items such as: potatoes, onions, cauliflower etc... Remove the outer cardboard packaging of items such as cereals, rice, pasta etc... Yes, it's all a bit of a hassle, but being cockroach free is what's important. :!:

You will find more information and a few interesting facts herehttp://sailingtheatlantic.com/insects_c ... lands.html

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Re: Cockroaches

Post by Marco » Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:11 pm

I saw this info a while back, and can't agree more. I had a bit of an issue in Las Palmas, left the boat, came back, and there they were. Boric acid did the trick. I shall be using the beer trap method if ever I get a problem in the future. what can I say, it's the canary islands and it's what we sometimes have to put up with for being here. :evil:

The Joker
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Post by The Joker » Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:12 am

At last some idea of how to send them packing, I thought I was alone in this, turns out now that others are in the same 'boat'.

Great Britain Gone Fishin'
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Re: Cockroaches

Post by Gone Fishin' » Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:18 am

Does anyone know where to buy the sticky traps in fuerteventura, I find that they are the best way to catch and kill? thanks

Denmark BrianB
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Re: Cockroaches

Post by BrianB » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:44 am

Hi gone with the wind

Sadly I dont believe that there are any roach free marinas in the Canary islands, or even on the southern coasts of spain and portugal. Keep up with the cleaning, and not taking cardboard on the boat. Shoes should also be left on the dock (if possible - and they don't walk off by themselves - yes I am talking about las palmas!) Food shopping should be well checked over, even the plastic packaging that covers packs of water etc... don't forget all these items in the supermarket are stored in the warehouse before they hit the shop's shelves.

I use a spray if ever I see anything that even slightly represents anything crawly - better safe than sorry.

If you have pets they can be a real problem, insects of all varieties can be carried onboard accidently - don't blame Fido though, he doesn't realise he's picked up one or two in his travels - vets sell great stuff for this is you have a pet.

any help?

Great Britain Cerise
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Cockroaches like the cold?

Post by Cerise » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:44 pm

Good afternoon everyone.
Yes, I am a little annoyed - today I found a couple of the unspeakables, lurking in my sink! Surely it is too cold for that to happen. I have a really clean kitchen/galley, I have followed everyone's advice about cardboard, but still they have managed to creep onto the boat - what can I do, I am at my wits end with this....HELPPPPPPPPP PLEEEEEASE
C :roll:

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